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GOOD Ideas for Cities and Neighborland are recruiting New Orleanians to prototype the future of our neighborhoods.  We’re looking for  designers, architects, planners and activists to develop real solutions to three challenges facing New Orleans. Working together, creative New Orleanians will visualize, plan and create three events or installations that:

  1. Bring healthy and fresh foods to a neighborhood that needs more options for groceries and affordable restaurants.
  2. Make one of our commercial streets safer for bicyclists and pedestrians.
  3. Beautify an intersection or street corner in a way that residents will appreciate and take pride in.

Individual creatives should apply here. Once you’ve chosen to participate, you’ll be assigned to a team to work with community leaders overseeing each challenge:

  • Grow Dat Youth Farm and Broad Community Connections will work to bring more food options to an underserved neighborhood.
  • Bike Easy and Transport for NOLA will work to make a street safer for bicyclists and pedestrians.
  • The students and faculty of Sci Academy will work to beautify a neighborhood intersection.
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